Membership Type and Fee


Regular or General ($50.00 for two years)

Individuals who hold at least an undergraduate or bachelors or equivalent degree in agriculture or allied areas shall meet the requirements of this member category.

Student ($25.00 for two years)

Current students of agricultural and allied areas of studies who are at good standing student's status.

Life Membership ($500.00 One time)

Individuals having met regular/general member's category and pays defined dues at a time.

Family Membership ($15.00 for two years)

Spouse of a member of any of the five categories (regular/general, student, life, honorary, and associate), who is not eligible for other categories of membership. Family member shall not have a voting right.

(No fee for honorary member. But they may contribute any amount as per their interest.)

Individuals having outstanding achievement in academic and professional career and contribution to the field of agriculture and allied areas around the globe.

Associate Membership
($50.00 for two years ($500 for Associate Life member)

Interested individuals who do not qualify for 1-5 membership types above. Associate member shall not have a voting right and shall not be eligible Executive Committee member. An Associate member may qualify for Associate Life member with the payment of defined fee at a time.

Associate Membership from Nepal:One-time membership fee (Life Associate Members) of NRs. 5000 for those who are serving in Nepal to join NAPA as Associate members.