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Prakriti Bista

Prakriti Bista, PhD

Dr. Bista was born and raised in Chitwan, Nepal. She completed her undergraduate and graduate (M.Sc. in soil science) education from Tribhuvan University Institute of Agriculture and Animal Sciences, Nepal, and Ph.D. in Agronomy (2014) from University of Wyoming, USA. Dr. Bista worked as a postdoctoral scholar (2015-2016) and later as an affiliate scientist (2017) at Oregon State University. She found her specialization is best used when studying management practices that enhance agricultural sustainability and mitigate climate change impacts. Prakriti has studied effect of traditional and conversation management practices on the biogeochemical aspects and agronomic performance of dryland wheat farming. Her research also involved monitoring and modeling of traditional and intensified cropping systems, cover cropping and conservation management practices on crop performance and soil quality. She has published 11 peered-reviewed papers, three book chapters, 10 extension articles, three YouTube videos as well as presented in many local, regional, and international conferences. She has reviewed papers for several journals and served to the professional community as Rapporteur at International Arid Cereal Conference (November 2015), secretary of Friends of Nepal at University of Wyoming (April 2011-March 2012), and secretary of Youth Red Cross Circle Nepal (January 2007- February 2008). She enjoys her family time with wonderful husband and two lovely sons.