NAPA Working Paper Publication Committee


Dilip R. Panthee, PhD
Plant Breeding and Genetics
Chair, Working Paper Series
Executive Member
North Carolina State University, NC
Prem Bhandari, PhD
Rural Sociology and Demography
NAPA General Secretary
Member Secretary: Book Publication Editorial Board
Editor: Global Journal of Agriculture and Applied Sciences (GJAAS)
Chair, Proceedings Publication Sub-Committee
Editor: Working Paper Series
Population Studies Center, University of Michigan, MI
Raju R. Pandey, PhD
Executive Member
Editor: Working Paper Series
Citrus Research Board, Riverside, CA

Call for NAPA Working Papers

This is the announcement for the publication of a working papers on agricultural and related disciplines. All NAPA members are requested to submit their relevant working papers for possible publication.

Working papers may be submitted in a complete journal article format such that you can publish it in a peer reviewed journal later with minimal effort. Publishing as a working paper will not hinder you from future publication in a peer reviewed journal in any way whatsoever. It will in fact help you streamline your manuscript such that you will receive fewer reviewer comments for improvement or outright rejection.

Please submit your working papers to Dr. Dilip Panthee, Editor-in-chief, at