Theme: Global Food Security through Agricultural Transformation

Food security is a global problem. In 2012, one in eight people lived in extreme poverty resulting in 11% of the world population being undernourished. A vast majority of this population lives in rural areas with subsistence agriculture and allied activities as the main source of livelihood. Agricultural transformation is one of the keys to reduce hunger worldwide. NAPA Conference 2018 focuses on securing food, feed, fuel, and fiber (F4) for the ever increasing population through advanced agricultural innovations, best management practices, and environmentally friendly sustainable agricultural production systems with equitable distribution in a world of widening inequalities, increased climate variability, dynamic land-use, and volatile agricultural markets.

Important Deadlines

  • Abstract submission for oral and poster presentations: December 31, 2017
  • Abstract acceptance notification: February 1, 2018
  • Submission of essays for student writing contest: February 28, 2018
  • Registration for sports: April 30, 2018
  • Registration for panel discussion: May 15, 2018
  • Results of student writing contest: April 20, 2018
  • Early conference registration: April 9, 2018. For onsite registration, a 15$ charge will be added for each category of membership.
  • Submission of Agri-poem: April 30, 2018
  • Hotel registration at NAPA contracted rate: May 10, 2018. Early reservation is encouraged to assure availability of rooms.
  • Results of Agri-poem contest: May 27, 2018 (at the conference)

How to Submit?

  • Abstract(s) for oral and/or poster presentations to Scientific Sub-Committee
  • Essays for student writing contest to Students Writing Contest Sub-Committee
  • Agri-poem to Agri-poem Sub-Committee
  • Team registration for sport event(s) to Sports Sub-Committee

Please submit electronically at Write the name of the intended Committee and the purpose of your submission in the Subject line.


Conference and Hotel Registration

Early conference registration rates (US $)

Regular member:

Student member: 75.00
Spouse (Joint member): 75.00
Spouse (Non-member): 100.00
Professional (Non-member): 175.00
Guest: 50.00

Note: Registration fee includes four meals (lunch & dinner, May 26 & 27), cultural night ticket, & door prizes. An additional $15 fee will be charged for each category of membership for ONSITE registration.

Hotel room reservation at NAPA contracted discounted rates

NAPABiltmore Hotel Oklahoma,
401 S Meridian Ave, Oklahoma City,
OK 73108, USA, Phone: (405) 947-7681

The discounted room rates are:

Kings: $55.00/night
Doubles: $55.00/night
Suites: $70.00/night

Please use PM 9004 code for NAPA discounted rate.


For specific information, please contact:


Lila B. Karki, Chair, NAPA Conference:,
Drona P. Rasali, Co-Chair:
Krishna P. Paudel, Co-Chair and Scientific Committee Chair (Oral, Poster):
Nanda P. Joshi, Panel Discussion:
Omkar Joshi, Logistics: 
Ambika Tiwari, Treasurer:
Kemika Bhandari, Sports:
Shankar P. Gaire, Student Coordination:,
Sharmila Parajulee, Joint Members’ Roundtable:
Usha Bhandari, Cultural Event:
Khusi Ram Tiwari, Annual General Meeting, Walk & Run Event:
Krishna Poudel, Agri-poem:
Bharat Pokharel, Student Writing Contest:
Megha N. Parajulee, Fundraising:
Pradip Adhikari, Door Prizes:
Lila K. Khatiwada, Judging Committee:
Prem Bhandari, Proceedings Publication:,
Pradeep Wagle, Conference Secretary:,


Preliminary Program Outline

Student writing contest, Student competitive oral & poster presentations, Professionals oral & poster presentations, Experts panel discussion, Agricultural poem contest, Joint and Associate members round table, Members' annual general meeting, Program review and future strategy, Door prizes, Cultural night, Sports (Golf & Volleyball), Walk and Run, NAPA Donates Blood – Saves Lives


Note: The Key Note and Invited Speakers have yet to confirm.

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