NAPA Endowment Fund

NAPA community is growing steadily with increased membership comprising from a wide range of agricultural disciplines and geographical regions. Foreseeing its further expansion over time, it is imperative to have a system of regular funding source to ensure continued NAPA activities. Such financial safety can be achieved via a carefully managed Endowment Fund. Endowed funds are never spent. Instead, they’re invested. And it’s the earnings from these investments that go to help the programs you choose to support. That means each gift designated for endowment provides permanent financial support. Therefore, we have initiated the establishment of NAPA Endowment Fund. Any NAPA members and interested generous individuals may contribute to this fund. Regulatory mechanism of the fund will be developed and adopted by the NAPA executive committee.
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Sponsorship levelAmount (USD)
Platinum Sponsor ≥$10,000
Diamond Sponsor≥$7,000
Gold Sponsor ≥$5,000
Silver Sponsor ≥$3,000
Bronze Sponsor ≥$1,000
Green Sponsor ≥$500
Valued Sponsor or Supporter <$500 (allocated to common/pool fund)


NAPA is grateful to the following generous donors for their visionary contribution towards NAPA's economic and programmatic sustainability:

Platinum Sponsors

Gold Sponsors

Bronze Sponsors

Green Sponsors

  • Anyone may make a material donation, fixed property.
  • Anyone can indirectly donate a small portion of the price of all eligible purchases from certain online websites and stores (for example, 0.5% of purchases at the URL will go to NAPA if NAPA is added in the AmazonSmile Charity).
  • Please contact NAPA via email (napa2072 at gmail dot com) for your interest in donating for the endowment funds.

    All donations to NAPA are tax-deductible.